Change the default text in the feedback email - On Premises 6.4


The default text used in the Feedback email can be changed in the index.htm file located in your Web Help Templates folder.

To update Web Help's feedback email text:

  1. Open the index.htm in Notepad and locate the configuration section.

    <!-- The configuration section to show/hide icons and use values from Authorit variables -->

  2. Locate the code for the Default feedback text (this is found directly after the Send feedback icon tags).
  3. Add the text for your email message to the value attribute.
    • When you want to start a new line of text add %0D (percentage, zero, capital D) to the end of the previous line.
    • The default text must be enclosed in quotation marks.

      <!-- Default feedback text -->

      <!-- Note: to start a new line add %0D to the end of the line -->

      <input id="feedBackText" type="hidden" value="Update your message here" />

  4. Save the changes to the index.htm file.