Author-it Honeycomb configuration xml - On Premises 6.4


The Author-it Honeycomb configuration.xml file contains a lot of settings for how Author-it Honeycomb publishes. Most settings should not be changed.

On publishing, the xml file is copied from the template folder to the publishing folder.

It contains the following settings:

  • Author-it Honeycomb Settings: module name, and output file names: do not change
  • Folders: do not change
  • appsettings: contains a reference to the folder name of the template: hv_src. The name for the template folder can be changed here if needed. However do not change other app settings.
  • filpath: you are allowed to change the date format, but this makes the file unique. Do not change the remainder of the filpath settings.
  • JsonFiles/HTMLTags: do not change
  • Course structure, is used for generating course.xml, do not change
  • TopicClasses:
    By default Author-it Honeycomb removes all paragraph style names (classes) from the paragraphs. If you want to prevent Author-it Honeycomb from doing this, add the style name to this list.
    For example, if you have your own special styles, you add them to this list. In the xtend-custom.css you can define the look and feel of these styles.

  • Glossary: do not change glossarypath.
    In case the specific output contains non-Western characters like Cyrillic, you must add these characters to the alphabet value.
  • See Course Completion Criteria for updating the completion values.