Setting up Service Manager - On Premises 6.4

On-premises requirements, installation, and upgrade guide

You will need to make sure Service Manager has the necessary permissions on both the application services and database server. We recommend using the account aitservice that was created when preparing your database server.

  • To configure Service Manager to use a dedicated account:
  1. On the application services server, open Services. (In windows explorer, go to Control Panel\System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services.)
  2. Right-click the Author-it Service and select Properties.
  3. In the Properties window, go to the Log On tab.
  4. Select This account and enter the details for the aitservice account.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Restart the service.

Next, you will need to enable the services provided by Service Manager. However, if you are also installing web applications, we recommend doing this after they are installed and configured.