Multi select variant - On Premises: 6.4

Object Variants

The term multi select refers to the ability to assign multiple values from a variant's criteria values to a single object. By tagging the object with several values, you are allowing the object to be used by several variations of your document.

Multi Select Variants: With multi select variants you can assign one or more values from a single variant criteria group to an object.

(1) The Multi Select group appears with the blue header, for example, State.

(2) When assigning values to an object, one or more values can be selected and moved to the Associated Criteria pane; in this case two values have been selected.

Note: You do not have to assign multiple values to an object each time you use variant criteria with the multi select option. You can still use the variant criteria to assign a single value to an object.

Single and Multi Select Variant Criteria Groups

Single Select Variants: With single select variants you only assign one value from the variant criteria group to an object.

(3) The Single select group has a black header, for example, Release.

(4) When assigning values to an object, you only select one value and move it to the Associated Criteria pane.