Convert an existing object into a variant of another object - On Premises: 6.4

Object Variants

You can convert existing objects into variants of other objects. This is particularly useful when you already have content and want to start using variants.

  1. Open the Convert to Variant window by selecting the object in the Library Explorer object list. Then:
    • Go to Manage > Variants > Convert


    • Right-click and go to Variant > Convert to Variant.
  2. Select the Search button to open the Quick Search window.

    Convert to Variant Window

  3. Use the Quick Search options to locate the object you'll use as the parent object. When you find the parent object, select it, and then close the Quick Search window by clicking OK.

    Quick Search for Converting to Variant

  4. In the Available Criteria list (in the left pane), select the criteria you want to assign to the variant object. Click the top arrow to add the value to the Associated Criteria list (in the right pane).

    Assign Criteria when Converting an Object to a Variant

  5. To save your changes, click OK.