Assign multi select values to an object - On Premises: 6.4

Object Variants

The following behaviors apply when you assign variant criteria values to an object: When you create a new variant, edit an existing variant, convert an object to a variant, or assign variant values to an ordinary object or primary object.

  • Multi Select Variant: You can assign one or more values to an object from this list of values
  • Single Select Variant: You can assign only one value to an object from this list of values

In the following images, Product and State are multi select variants (identified by the blue header text with the gray background) and Release is a single select variant (identified by the black header text).

When no values have been assigned to an object, the Associated Criteria pane (on the right) is empty.

Variant Selection Window in Author's Search

When values have been assigned, Author-it move them from the Available Criteria pane to the Associated Criteria pane under the variant criteria heading.

Multi and Single Select Values Assigned to an Object