Overview of a Content Page - On Premises 6.4


The figure shows an example of the content page. It is automatically generated from the content placed in the Magellan book contents.

The content page consists of:

1. Logo with home page link

Contains the Company Logo. The Logo is automatically loaded from the \images folder. You can choose a different image. See Customizing Magellan for more information.

Clicking the Logo directs you to the landing page.

2. Navigation bar

Displays all level 1 topics as defined in Author-it. You can choose to display more heading levels. See Customizing Magellan for more information.

3. Search functionality

The search functionality is automatically generated.

4. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs reveal your location in the Magellan site.

5. Table of Contents

Automatically created by Author-it from the Magellan book contents.

6. Content

Displays the content of the open topic(s).

7. Navigation menu

Contains separate tabs to display the Table of Contents, the Index and the Glossary.

8. Footer

The footer is defined in the book contents. See Landing Page Footer for more information.

9. Toolbar

Use this toolbar to set certain functionalities of the site. See Customizing Magellan for more information.

10. Widgets section menu

Shows additional features to enhance the user experience.

11. Heading context menu

Use this menu to add a topic to your favorites, to share a topic or to Disqus a topic.