Format tables used for layout only - On Premises 6.4


Sometimes a table is used for layout purposes only. The table in Author-it has no borders, no shading and no header row, so you don't want to see any lines or shading when you publish the site. But you still have other tables where you do want the borders and shading in the output. So you need to identify the tables for layout and ensure they appear as required.

To format tables used for layout:

  1. Open the contentstyles.css file in your theme folder.
  2. Within the TABLES section, add the css selector to find all tables (table), and all cells in those tables (table td), with no borders, no shading and no header:

    .noheader.noborders.noshading table, .noheader.noborders.noshading table td

  3. Add the properties to not display the border or shading for these tables, to create the full definition:

    .noheader.noborders.noshading table, .noheader.noborders.noshading table td {

    border: none;

    background-color: transparent;