Change Magellan css files - On Premises 6.4


The Magellan engine css folder contains all the css files required for the site.

You should only customize the contentstyles.css and themestyles.css files. If you make any changes to the other files you may break the site, and they will also be overwritten when the Magellan engine is updated.


The contentstyles.css provides all the css rules to define the appearance and behavior of Author-it generated content - text styles, tables, links, etc.

Place a copy of this file in <your theme name>\css folder and make changes.


The themestyles.css file is used to redefine any of the css rules that are in the mainstyles.css.

Do not change the mainstyles.css. Place a copy of the themestyles.css file in <your theme name>\css folder, and copy and paste rules from the mainstyles.css and customize as required. The themestyles.css rules extend or override the same mainstyles.css rules on book publish.

Pro Tip: Keep themestyles.css as simple as possible, and just copy the rules you want to change from mainstyles.css, as you need to change them.