Logfiles - On Premises 6.4

Installation of Magellan publishing components

If the published output doesn't seem complete or working (remember it does need to be loaded in IIS to open in a browser due to json scripting), there are multiple logs in the published output folder to help figure out where it's going wrong: 


Tells you whether the magellan.ps1 script ran to completion.


Tells you if there were any issues with the transformation of the Resolved XML into HTML files.

This is the one to check if you find there are no HTML files in your "content" folder (whatever you've named it).


Logs all the copy actions, for example:

  • copying of the transformed HTML files into the content folder.
  • copying of the Engine and the Themes into the output folder.


Gives an overall process of the ps1 script so that you can see what ran successfully and what didn't

These logs can help you troubleshoot if anything breaks down in the process.