Insert a graphic or OLE object - On Premises 6.4

Graphics, External Files & Hyperlinks

The following topics describe how to create new File objects in your library. If you have already used a graphic in your content, use the steps for inserting a graphic that already has a File object or inserting File object by using the thumbnail window.

When you add a graphic, decide if you want to use an embedded file object or a linked file object. When you use linked graphics, you have the option of choosing different graphics for each published output. In addition, you can use a linked URL image to add a graphic that is stored on a web server.

OLE objects

Include external files in your topics by using a File object to link to an OLE object, or embed an OLE object with a small file size.

Best practice: Link rather than embed OLE objects.

When using an embedded OLE object, the file's content is displayed in the topic; however, changes to that original file aren't reflected in Author.

Non-essential third-party software is not available on the Author-it Cloud server, so most OLEs will neither display nor be editable unless you have the third-party software installed on your own system.

HTML does not support linked OLE objects, so that option is not available in the File object on the Web tab.