Create the reference topic - On Premises: 6.4

Graphics, External Files & Hyperlinks

Before creating the endnote link, you must create a topic containing the reference information. The following steps are Author-it best practice for creating a reference topic.

To create a reference topic:

  1. Create a new topic object.
  2. (Optional) For parenthetical citations within the text, in the Print tab, in the Heading field, type the in-text citation you want to publish. For example, (Smith, 2012).

    Note: Your designer controls how these settings appear on publication in the endnote template. For superscripted numbers instead of parathentical notations, your template needs to use automated numbers.

  3. In the topic body, type the biographical information associated with the citation.

    If you have the Alphabetical ordering option selected in the endnote topic, the text publishes alphabetically according to the first character in the biographical information.