Add an endnote style to the Word template - On Premises: 6.4

Graphics, External Files & Hyperlinks

To add an endnote style to the Word template:

  1. Download a Word file from the company share folder on Files.
  2. Open the template document in Word.

    Note: These instructions may vary depending on your version of Word.

  3. In the Styles window, click New Style.
  4. Create an endnote character style. The character style must be called "endnote" in order for Word to recognize the relationship with the endnote style in Author.

    Note: Creating an endnote paragraph style causes the entire paragraph to take on the style of the endnote number.

  5. Save the document as a Word Template.
  6. Upload the file to the company share folder on Files.

    Best Practice: Rename the old file template with today's date so you have a copy in case the new template doesn't work.

  7. Confirm tht the book template associated with the Word template still has the correct filepath.