How does Author-it handle conditional text? - On Premises 6.4


People often have a business requirement to create documents containing common information as well as information that is specific to the product being documented. Some products achieve this with an approach named conditional text, in which information is included or excluded based on meeting certain criteria

Author-it takes a different approach. You can create conditional text by using a combination of:

  • Variants - Create your content by using variants. For example, one variation has content for one location or product, and another variation has content for another location or product. When you publish, just select the variant criteria for this job; the output uses the variants matching the criteria values that you selected.
  • Embedded Topics - Enables you to reuse chunks of text right down to the paragraph level. You would not create a topic for each product-specific sentence, but rather for the common information that you would then reuse in "Composite" topics that contain your product-specific information.
  • Composite Topics - These topics are made up of the specific information that relates to the product being documented, and common information can be added by using embedded topics.
  • Variables - Used for smaller chunks of text, such as product names or product-specific sentences.