How do I change every instance? - On Premises 6.4


Text Find and Replace

Author-it includes text Find and Replace functions, with the ability to search within the current Topic, the current Book, or even all the Books in the Library.

Note: Text Find and Replace does not include the heading of each topic. The heading is actually the Description of the Topic object, and you can find these by using Author-it's Object Search.

Object Search

Use Author-it's Object Search function to search for related objects and object templates, which you can then change. If the object you're changing has other objects based on it, they are all updated automatically.

Changing a Template

Author-it object templates can be changed like any other object in Author-it (providing you have the necessary security permissions). When you modify an Author-it object template, all objects based on that template are updated automatically. This makes it easy to keep everything consistent.