How do I get reports? - On Premises 6.4

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The Search tab enables you to find all the Objects in a Library that meet certain criteria.

Search criteria

Object Code

Looks for a specific Object Code. Accepts wildcards (*,?). If multiple versions of an Object exist, returns all of them.


Looks for Objects with this description. Accepts wildcards (*,?). If you are looking for Descriptions including a word (rather than beginning with a word) prefix the Description with a *.

Based on

Looks for Objects based on Templates with this description. Accepts wildcards (*,?).

Of type

Specify a particular Object Type to search for.

Containing text

Looks for Topics containing certain text. Accepts wildcards (*.?)

In book

Examines only the Objects in a particular Book TOC. Doesn't examine objects in nested Books.

In state

Looks for Objects in a certain state.


Looks for Objects last modified in a certain date range.

Once the criteria have been set and the Find Now button has been selected, you will be presented with a list of objects that match this criteria.

Sorting the results

The results may be sorted by clicking on the column headings. You can sort on multiple columns by selecting them one after another. For example, selecting the Description and then the Object Type icon would sort them alphabetically within their types.

Printing the report

To save, print, or format the results further, select the rows you are interested in and then select the Copy to clipboard option from the right-click (shortcut) menu. The results can be pasted into a program such as Excel or Word and then saved, formatted, and printed.

Examples of reports

Find every object modified by a particular author since a certain date.

  • Enter the dates in the search criteria.
  • Sort the results by Modified and then Modified By.
  • Select all results for the target author.
  • Copy to clipboard, paste into Excel.

Find all objects that have changed since a book was last generated.

  • Look at the creation date of the previous document and enter the date period based on this.
  • Select the book to search in the In book setting.
  • Select all results (CTRL+A).
  • Copy to clipboard, paste into Excel.

Get a list of chapters for a book.

  • Select the book to search in the In book setting.
  • Set Based on to "Chapter Template"