How do I ensure my graphics are included in my Word document? - On Premises 6.4

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By default, when publishing Word documents, all graphics are included in the same folder and linked to by the word document. This enables very large Word documents to be created with little trouble.

If moving the published Word doc, you need to either:

  1. include the files,
  2. convert the doc to PDF, or
  3. save the graphics in the document

    Note: The problem with (c), is that unless you follow specific steps, you lose any scaling applied to the graphics – and if you have graphics scaled at various sizes (let's say some at 50%, some at 60%, some 75%, and so on), it is no quick task to go and reset them. It's also an extra step that many of you don't want to have to take.

The following AfterPublish macro can be added to your Word Publishing template to automatically save the graphics in the document, and ensure the scaling is kept intact.

Important Cautions:

  • This macro is provided only as a starting point, and it can be modified to suit needs.
  • It is not covered by the maintenance contract, and is therefore not included in routine QA Testing per software release, nor is it covered in Author-it Support assistance.
  • It cannot be used in Author-it Cloud.

    Sub LinkShapesAndFields()

    ' Embeds linked graphics into document so it

    ' can be moved without breaking links to images

    ' Runs through all Shapes, Fields and InlineShapes

    ' and calls the LinkFormat.BreakLink

    ' Written 20-June-2003 Derek Tomes - Author-it

    ' Modified 20-January-2004 DT - ActiveDocument.UndoClear added

    Dim objShape As Shape

    Dim objField As Field

    Dim objInlineShape As InlineShape

    Dim objSelection As Selection

    PrintPreview = True

    ActiveWindow.Selection.MoveEnd wdStory

    PrintPreview = False

    ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.View.Type = wdNormalView

    For Each objShape In ActiveDocument.Shapes

    If Not objShape.LinkFormat Is Nothing Then



    End If


    For Each objField In ActiveDocument.Fields

    If Not objField.LinkFormat Is Nothing Then



    End If


    For Each objInlineShape In ActiveDocument.InlineShapes

    If Not objInlineShape.LinkFormat Is Nothing Then



    End If


    End Sub