Can I export object names and numbers to a text file? - On Premises 6.4

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Is there any way of exporting a list of object names and their corresponding object code numbers to a text file? I want this to give to developers so that they can use the numbers as context IDs in help calls.



  1. Publish the Windows Help file, which will include by default each Author-it topic's ID as a context string (prefixed with the letter "O") and context number.
  2. Using Help Workshop, open the HPJ file for the document you just published.
  3. Copy the [MAP] section into a text editor like Notepad (but leave out the MAP heading itself) - you'll notice that Author-it has put the name of each topic as a comment next to its Context String and ID, for easier identification.
  4. Give your developer the text file.

You can also then tell Author-it to use that external mapping file from now on, by specifying it on the WinHelp tab of the Book. This overrides the individual mapping specified on the WinHelp tab of each topic, and can be an easier way to maintain that context-mapping.

Alternatively, you can select the Topics from inside the Object pane (you can use the object search to specify a certain criteria). Right-click and choose Copy to clipboard, then paste them into Excel. The Topic descriptions, Object Codes, etc, are then listed in a spreadsheet.