Variants in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


You use variants in Contribute when you publish your content. You can open a variant object to edit from the folder or from the search object list.

Assigning values for multi select variants

In Contribute, single variant values can be assigned to an object. This applies to both single select and multi select variant criteria.

Note: Full variant functionality is available in Author.

Publishing from Contribute

You can publish a book containing variant objects, or publish a variant book.

The publishing filter is displayed after you do the following: Select the book, select the output type in the Publishing pane, click Add to Queue.

  • When you publish a book in Contribute that contains variant objects, use the publishing filter to select the variants for this job. One value can be selected for each variant criteria relevant to this job.
  • When you publish a variant book in Contribute, the publishing filter is also displayed, and you'll use the filter to select the variant criteria values for this job.

Note: Publishing variant books in Contribute is different from publishing in Author, where the values for the variant book are preselected and cannot be changed.

Assign Variables to Publishing Job in Contribute

Viewing variant criteria values in Contribute

You can view the variant criteria values assigned to an object by displaying the object's metadata. The metadata include all variable values and variant values assigned to an object. Variants are identified with the variant icon. To view an object's metadata, right-click the object in the folder or search object list, and then in the menu click Set Metadata. Or you can right-click the object, choose Properties, and then open the Metadata tab.