Variables in topics - On Premises 6.4


Using variables will save you time and energy. You can create topics and place variables amongst the text. If you need to change the value of the variable the change will be reflected in all topics using the variable.

In Contribute you type the variable into the topic. Once the variable has been added to the topic text you can use the Library's default value or select an object and assign a different value.

Note: Only the name of the variable appears inside the angle brackets in the Topic's text. When your final output is published the values assigned to the variables are displayed.

Adding variables to topic text:

  • Open your topic, then type the name of the variable inside angle brackets in the text. Ensure there are no spaces between the angle brackets and the variable name.

    Note: Variable names may only contain the characters 0-9,a-z,A-Z and _ (underscore). Variable names are not case-sensitive. For example both <Contact> and <contact> represent the same Variable name.