Use the split view - On Premises: 6.4


The Split view is used when you want to insert or embed an existing topic into the topic you have open in Contribute's Editor. The Split view is divided into two areas:

  • The top area displays the folder contents list or search results list with the topic that you want to embed or insert.
  • The lower area displays the target topic in the Editor.

Opening and closing the Split view

To return the Editor to full view, in the Library Toolbar choose Editor. You can choose Split at any time to reopen the Split view and display the last topic, and the last object list you used.

Embed or insert a topic

If you're creating a topic whose content differs only slightly from the content of another topic, you have a couple of options:

  • Use an embedded topic for the common part of both topics. This is recommended when you want to be able to update both topics at once.
  • Insert the text from one topic into the other (similar to copying and pasting text). This is recommended when you want to be able to update one topic without affecting the other. You can also use this method to duplicate the content of a topic in Contribute.

To display the split view:

  1. Open a topic in the Editor.
  2. In the Library Toolbar, choose Split.