Topic print tab - On Premises: 6.4


The Print tab contains properties that define how each topic object publishes to print formats. These properties define things like a heading or a super heading, which are automatically numbered and can include a mini table of contents at the beginning of a chapter.

Print tab


Defines the Heading that will appear in the print document for this topic.


Sets a relationship to the Style object that the Print Heading uses.

Tip: If you set this to "(auto)", the Print Heading will be set to the styles "Heading 1", "Heading 2", "Heading 3", etc. taken from the level of the topic in the contents of the book.

Super heading

Defines the Super Heading that will appear in the document for this printed topic. The super heading appears above the Document Heading. Author-it automatically applies the "SuperHeading" style in the Word document.

Auto number format

Allows you to select the type of automatic numbering that will be inserted just after the Document Super Heading.

Note: No numbering will be inserted if you have not entered a Super Heading in the Print tab.

Insert break

Allows you to choose the type of break that will be inserted into the document just before this topic. If you choose "Section Break", you must select a Media object to define the next section.


Sets a relationship to a Media object that defines the page setup and layout of the new section.

Note: This can only be selected when Insert Break is set to "Section Break".