Sorting object lists - On Premises 6.4


When an object list is opened in the Contents pane, the objects are grouped alphabetically by object type. When a list contains a large number of objects, it may be easier to find them by sorting on a column heading. For example, you can sort on the description or the modified date. You can sort on the followings column headings:

  • Object type: Sorts alphabetically by object type, such as Book, Topic, or File object.
  • Description: Sorts alphanumerically by object name.
  • Based On: Sorts alphabetically by the template on which the object is based.
  • Modified Date: Sorts numerically by the date the object was last modified.
  • Modified By: Sorts alphabetically by the user who modified the object.
  • Code: Sorts numerically by the object code.
  • Version: Sorts numerically by the version number.

Click the column name once to sort the column elements in ascending order; click again to sort the elements in descending order.