Search for objects in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


When you want to find a related set of objects especially when they're in more than one folder, or a specific object that you don't know the location of, use Contribute's search feature. Display the search options by choosing the Search tab in the navigation tab.

Search Pane in Contribute

The Search options enable you to search for objects containing certain words, or you can use extra criteria to restrict or filter your search. Limit your criteria to any, or all, of the following options:


Searches for objects

Containing text

Containing certain words.

Object code

Using the specified object code.


Containing certain words within the object description.

Based on

Based on a specific template.

Of type

Based on the object type.

In book

Included in a specific book.

In state

In a specific Release State.

Last modified date

Modified between specific dates.

Tip: Some search criteria have drop-down lists that store previous values you have used.

If your search returns no results, try using less restrictive criteria. Similarly, if your search returns too many results, try using additional criteria to make your search more specific. For example, use the date search options alone or with any of the other search options.

After you complete the search, use the locate function from the shortcut menu to find the object's location in the library.