Search by date - On Premises: 6.4


The Search pane enables you search for objects based on when they were created or modified. Last modified date gives you the option to search for:

  • All items: Use this option when you don't want to filter by date.
  • Betweenspecific dates: Use the between option to restrict the search to items created or modified between specific dates.
  • During the previous month(s) or day(s): Use these options to restrict the search to items created or modified during a time period defined as a number of months or days.

    Search last modified date

To search by date:

  1. Select the search tab to open the Search options pane.
  2. Add the search criteria in the Containing text field and/or Filter results by fields.
  3. In the Last modified date pane choose a date option:
    • Modified between - To search for objects created or modified within a specific time frame, use the between calendars.Click in the field and select a date in the current month, or click the arrow buttons to select other months or years.

      Search calendar

    • Previous month(s) or previous day(s) - Select a time period and add the number of months or days.
  4. Click Find Now to begin searching.