Save a topic in Contribute - On Premises 6.4


When you're done working in a topic, save the changes before closing. When you save a topic you can assign or change the release state and also add a comment in the topic's history. When the topic is closed after saving it, a save point is in created in Author-it that records the user, time, date, and comments. The topic history is viewed in the history tab.

History settings for saving topics are set in Author by your Library's Security Administrator.

To save a topic:

  1. In the Edit tab in the Topic Toolbar, click Save Topic and then click Close.

    The Save Topic dialog box is displayed:

    • Release State: Use the Release State list to assign a release state to the topic.
    • Comments: Add a comment to the save point by using the comments field.

      Save dialog

  2. Choose OK to save the changes.

Note: When saving changes to topics in Contribute, if you do not have permissions to change release states for an object, you can still save the changes to the topic by not selecting a release state in the Save Topic window.