Resize a table in Contribute by changing column widths - On Premises: 6.4


After you put a table into edit mode, you can drag table columns in Contribute to resized them to exact measurements. Table edit mode puts all tables in the topic into edit mode, but allows each table to be edited individually.

Table edit toggle

Resize Table

While Table edit mode is enabled, column width markers are displayed above the table. Column widths are measured in pixels (px).

You can resize columns or the entire table

  • Resize columns while holding down the Shift key and dragging a boundary: This action resizes the column to the left of the selected column boundary, while the overall size of the table grows or shrinks based on the changes made to the resized column. When you use this action, all column width markers move as the column boudary is moved.
  • Resize columns by dragging a column boundary only: This actionresizes the columns on either side of the selected column boundary, but the overall size of the table remains the same. When you use this action, only the column markers above the two columns are affected.

Note: You cannot edit the topic's content until Table edit mode is turned off.

To resize column widths:

  1. Open the Topic containing the table, or insert a table into the current topic.
  2. On the Table Toolbar, click the Resize Table button to put the table into edit mode.
  3. Resize the column by dragging the left or right column boundary to the desired width.

    Resizing table columns

  4. Atter resizing the table, click the Resize Table button again to close Table edit mode and allow the topic to be edited.