Objects in Contribute - On Premises 6.4


Use the Properties window of each object in the library to view or update the properties assigned to it.

The Properties window contains multiple tabs that open to display the specified content. Some tabs are standard across all objects, while some appear only for particular types of objects.

Tabs displayed for all objects

  • General
  • Print (output)
  • Help (output)
  • Web (output)
  • XML Preview
  • History Compare

Tabs displayed for specific objects

  • Metadata assignments: For book and topic objects only.
  • View: Included for topic objects. File objects include a preview pane under each output tab.

Open the Properties window for an object in the book contents, folder list, or search results. Right-click the object and click Properties, or select one of the tabs listed in the shortcut menu to open the object's properties window at that tab.

If the object is open or is locked by another user, the properties window opens in read only mode and the properties cannot be modified.

For a full list of object properties, see Object Properties in Author.