Navigation panes - On Premises: 6.4


The navigation panes are located on the left of the Contribute interface, and are used for working with folders, searching for objects in the library, working with a book's contents, and publishing.

Navigation panes

Open the navigation panes by clicking the tabs at the base of the pane.

This tab

Does this

Home Page icon


Opens the Home page in the Contents pane.

Folders button


Opens the Folders pane, displaying the library's folders.

Search button


Opens the Search pane, displaying the search options.

Book Contents button

Book Contents

Opens the Book Contents pane, displaying a book's content and structure.

Publishing button


Opens the Publishing console, providing publishing options, status of jobs, and links to output files.

The tabs can be expanded, or collapsed to provide more room in the navigation pane:

  • Expand the Navigation tab accordion by clicking Show button
  • Collapse the Navigation tab accordion by clicking Hide button to display the icons in a tab tray

    Navigation button bar collapsed