Navigate and Use Contribute in On Premises 6.4 - On Premises: 6.4


The Contribute interface is divided into two areas: navigation panes on the left, and content panes on the right.

  • Navigation panes display the library folder structure, the selection dialog for object searches, and publishing options.
  • Content panes display the Home page, navigation and search results, user options, and the Contribute Editor. In the content panes you can view the navigation and search results by folder object list, by search object list, or by Topic Editor.

    Author-it Live screen


Navigation accordion

The tabs in the accordion open the Home page, and switch between the library's folder list, the search options, a book's contents pane, and the publishing console. The accordion can be displayed as a full accordion, or collapsed with the tab icons displayed in a single row in the tab tray (as in this example).


Navigation pane

The Navigation pane, located on the left side of the interface, displays the library's folder list, the search options, a book's contents pane (and the book contents toolbar), and the publishing options (when the publishing console is open).


Contents pane

The Contents pane, located on the right side of the interface, displays te Home page content, object lists for folder contents or search results, the topic editor, Contribute user options, or the split screen used when you'are embedding or pasting topics.


Topic Editor

Topics are opened for editing in the Topic Editor. The Topic Editor can be viewed in the split screen (as in this example) or full screen. The editing environment includes the topic toolbar for accessing the editing commands.


Object list

The folder contents and search results are displayed in an object list (showing the object's icon, description, template, modification details, and object code). The object list toolbar, located at the bottom-right corner of the content pane, is used to navigate through long lists spread over multiple pages. When you select Options, this screen area displays software version, Library, plugins, and other options.


Library toolbar

The Library toolbar, at the top of the Contents pane, is used to open the screens displayed in the Contents pane (the exception is the Home page, which is opened from the navigation accordion). Select Options, to display software version, Library, plugins, and other options.