My Changes tab - On Premises: 6.4


The My Changes history is available for each topic. When the topic is loaded into My Changes its content at the last save point is shown in the Old pane. The New pane displays the topic at its current state (including modifications to the topic). No highlighting is displayed if no changes have been made to the topic since the last save point.

When the tab is loaded after changes have been made, the Old and New panes display the differences in the topic's content:

  • Old pane: Content removed from the topic is highlighted in red.
  • New pane: Content added to the topic is highlighted in green, modified content (for example, Acme is changed to ACME) is highlighted with yellow/green.

When the tab is refreshed after the topic has been saved, both the Old and New panes display the topic in its new state.

Note: Whenever you make changes to the topic, you need to reload the tab before the changes are highlighted.

To use the My Changes tab:

  1. Open the topic in the Editor and display the History pane.
  2. Select the My Changes tab to display the topic in its original state.
  3. Make changes to the topic without saving the changes.
  4. Select the tab again to refresh the content and display the changes you just made to the topic.