Move book objects by dragging - On Premises: 6.4


Individual objects can be dragged and dropped into a new location in a book's content pane. Where you drop an object determines the position in the structure:

  • Drag the object over the Book object. When the Book it is highlighted, drop the object you are moving. The object will be added as the last item in the contents.
  • Drag the object over a topic or over another object. When the topic or other object is highlighted, drop the object. The new object is added as a child of the highlighted object, and demoted to the next level.

    Drag the object between two topics or objects. When a solid line appears between the two topics or objects, drop the object. The new object is added between the objects above and below the line.

Tip: When you drop a topic into the book's contents, the new topic is added at the same level as the topic above the line. Collapse a topic group if you want to drop a new topic at the same level as the parent. Expand the group if you want to drop the topic as a child.

To move a topic in the book contents:

  1. Open the book in the Book Contents pane.
  2. To put the book into Edit Mode, click the closed padlock button on the Book Contents Toolbar.
  3. Drag and drop the topic into the chosen location.
  4. Save the changes to the book.