Modify a topic's description - On Premises: 6.4


Modify a topic's description in Contribute by opening the Topic in the Editor, selecting the description field, and making changes. When the topic is available for editing, the description appears in the topic description bar, located directly above the topic toolbars.

Important: Changing a topic's description field updates the General tab in the object's properties window. However, the Print, Web, and Help tabs are not updated. The topic titles for Print, Web, and Help can be updated by using the object properties window. The topic description cannot be modified if the topic is locked by another user.

To change the topic's description:

  1. Open the topic in the Editor. The description appears directly above the toolbars.

    Topic description click

  2. To display the editing field, click anywhere in the topic description bar (or title).

    Topic description editor

  3. Changes the topic description and then click anywhere outside the topic description bar to close the field.
  4. Save the changes to the topic.