Insert an existing topic into a book - On Premises: 6.4


Existing topics can be added to a book by using the Insert Existing Topic button (with the folder icon), or by locating and dragging a topic from its folder into the book's content pane. We'll look at the first option here.

Use the Insert Existing Topic option if you don't know where a topic is located in the library. The Insert Existing Topic dialog box includes a search function for locating topics in the library and inserting them into the book at the chosen location. When you search for the topic, you can add the first word from the topic's description, or use a keyword and a wildcard if you're unsure of the first word in the description. When you use wildcards, use * to represent a combination of characters, including no characters, and use ? to represent any single character. For example, *Accessories would look for X1000 Accessories, X2001 Accessories, etc.

Before inserting a topic into the book's contents, you must select a parent topic. The inserted topic will be added as a child of the parent topic.

To insert an existing topic into a book:

  1. Open the book in which you want to add a topic.
  2. Put the book into edit mode by clicking the closed padlock button on the Book Contents Toolbar.
  3. Select a parent node in the book's contents. The inserted topic will be added as a child of this node.
  4. Click Insert Existing Topic from the Book Contents Toolbar to open the Insert Existing Topic window.
  5. Add the search criteria in the Search field, and then click Search to begin searching the library. When the search is completed, a list of topics matching the criteria is displayed.

    Insert Exisiting Topic

  6. Select a topic, and then click Insert to add the topic to the book contents.
  7. Save the changes to the book.