Individual user history - On Premises: 6.4


Individual user history is available for each topic. A user tab is created when a topic is updated. The tab identifies the person making the changes to the topic, the modifications made, and the save point comments. Each time the user saves a change to a topic the save history is updated in their user tab. Details continue to be added to their tab until another user updates and saves the topic, and a new user tab is created.

For example, Anne creates and updates the topic X1000 Description. Both actions, although completed on different days, are added to her first tab. Several days later, Tex reviews and modifies the topic. When he saves the topic, a tab is created displaying his save history. When Tex's tab is created, Anne's first tab is closed. The following day Anne returns to the topic, adds a graphic and saves the changes. Because Anne's first tab was closed, a new tab is created for her latest changes.

User History tabs

In each user tab the Old and New panes display the differences in the topic's content:

  • Old pane: Shows the topic after the first save point in the topic's History was created. Any content removed from the topic is highlighted in red.
  • New pane: Shows the topic after the latest save point was created. The new pane shows changes to content highlighted in green. Modified content (for example, Acme is changed to ACME) is highlighted with yellow/green.

Users comments are shown on each of the tabs in the orange comment bar, logging the date and time the topic was saved. The topic must be reloaded to show the latest user history.