Identify variants in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


In Contribute, variants are identified with variant icons in the folder list or search results:

Variant Icons in Contribute

The following icons identify the type of variant object:


A standard object has no variants


Primary object


Primary object with variant criteria




Locale of a primary object


Locale of an object with variant criteria

Variant objects are always stored in the same folder as their primary object. If you move the primary object to a different folder, the associated variant objects are also moved. If you want to move the objects, you must select the primary object, not the variants.

Primary objects are shown in the Book contents pane, but variant objects are not shown.

Optional - update the object's description field

You may also be able to identify variants by the Description field, if they have been configured this way. It's optional but recommended that when you create a variant, you modify the Description field to differentiate the variant from its primary object.