File object print tab - On Premises: 6.4


The Print tab contains properties that define how each File object appears in printed output. These properties define things like the type of file, the file itself, size, caption, and even image borders.

File Obejct Print Tab

File source type

Specifies the type of source file used in Microsoft Word output. Certain options may be enabled or disabled when you choose a file type, as some properties are not applicable to some file types. The types available are:

  • Embedded picture or OLE object: Uses the embedded picture. On publish, the embedded picture or OLE object is extracted to the format specified in the Output as field, and linked to the Word document. If it is an OLE Object and Output as is set to "(source)", the embedded OLE object is copied and embedded in the Word document. This provides better printed results for vector-based OLE objects.
  • Linked Picture files: Valid picture file formats that Microsoft Word loads (bmp, wmf, gif, jpg, pcx, tif, dib, eps, svg, tiff, tif, and png).
  • Linked Document files: Preformatted Word, RTF, or text documents, which appear in the published content. This is a way of inserting complex formatting and documents (doc, rtf, txt).
  • Linked OLE objects: Any valid file type can be selected. At the time of publishing, this file is inserted into the content as an OLE object. The OLE server must be installed for the selected file type.
  • Linked URL file: Links to images stored on a web server. At the time of publishing, this file appears in the content upon publication.


The Directory field containing the source file. This property supports relative folders. This property is ignored if you use an embedded file.


The Filename field specifies the name of the source file. This file must be of the Source Type and it must be in the specified directory.

When you embed a graphics file, the file name uses the object ID. You can only specify file names when you use linked graphics.

Output format

Output file format of the external file used in your printed document; "(source format)" uses the file format specified in the Source Type.

Paragraph style

Sets a relationship to the Style object defining the style that applies to the paragraph in the printed output for this file.

Note: This property is only used when the File object is placed in the contents of a book, and ignored when it is in the text of a topic. If you set it to "(auto)", the file uses the style of the last paragraph in the preceding topic.