Embedding & inserting topics in Contribute - On Premises 6.4


In Contribute when you add the content from one topic to another topic you have the option of embedding or inserting the content.

Embedded topics are simply topics that are placed inside other topic objects or "host topics". Examples include legal disclaimers, notes or warnings, and sets of steps that are commonly used together in procedures. Embedded topics can be any size, from a couple of characters to a full-length topic. When you update an embedded topic, you only need to edit the original - the text is updated everywhere the topic is used.

Right-click an embedded topic to display the following options in the shortcut menu:

  • Open the embedded topic for editing (from within the container topic you cannot modify either the contents or formatting of the embedded topic)
  • Locate the embedded topic within the library folder structure.
  • Remove an embedded topic

Inserting a topic is similar to copying the content from one topic and and pasting it into another topic. The pasted text has no link to the original topic, so you can make changes to the pasted content without it affecting any other topics.