Edit an embedded topic in Contribute - On Premises 6.4


Content from an embedded topic cannot be edited directly in the container topic. However, it's easy to open the embedded topic from the container topic and then make changes. Once the topic has been saved, the changes are reflected in all topics containing the embedded topic.

To edit an embedded topic:

  1. Right-click any part of the embedded topic, and click Open from the shortcut menu.

    The embedded topic opens in a new window.

  2. Make your changes and then save the topic. Changes made to the embedded topic are reflected in the container topic (and all other topics that include the embedded topic) when you reopen it.

Note: Make sure that any change you make in the embedded topic works in all of the container objects that use the embedded topic. If you need the embedded topic to be different in some locations, you may have to duplicate the embedded topic, modify it, and then substitute it where needed for the original embedded topic.