Creating variants in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


Variant objects are created and stored in the same folder as their primary object. The variant object is not added directly to the book. Iinstead, it is linked to the book via the relationship to its primary object. If you're creating several variant objects from a primary object, each variant must use different criteria values.

Once the variant object has been created, you can open it in the Editor and make the required changes to the content. Because a variant is a unique object, your changes aren't reflected in the primary object or any other related variations of that object.

For working convenience, customize the variant object's Description field

When you create a variant object, it uses the same object Description as its primary object. If you create several variants from a primary object, consider updating each variant's Description. This will help you identify the variant in the Contribute object list, but it won't affect the name used in the output.

Make your changes in the General tab's Description field in the object's properties: