Create a new topic in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


New topics are created when a book has been opened in the Book Contents pane. When new topics are added directly to the book's content in Contribute, the Topic object is created in the folder containing the book.

To create a new topic in a book:

  1. Open the book in the Book Contents pane, then click the closed padlock button on the Book Contents toolbar to put the book into Edit Mode.
  2. Select a topic in the book contents; the new topic will be added as a child of the selected topic.
  3. Click the Topic button in the Book Contents toolbar to create the new topic.
  4. In the New Topic dialog box, enter the topic's description and choose a template from the drop-down list. The list displays the primary objects, and not the variants.
  5. Click OK to create the topic and open it in the Editor.
  6. Save the changes to the book.