Contribute Table toolbar - On Premises: 6.4


The Table toolbar provides quick access to frequently used table commands.

Table toolbar

This button

Does this

Table edit toggle

Resize Table

Toggles in and out of edit mode to resize column widths.

Toggle guidelines

Toggle Guidelines/Invisible Elements

Toggles the table guidelines on and off.

Insert table

Insert a New Table

Table Properties

Creates a new table if the cursor is not set within an existing table.

If the cursor is within a table, launches a dialog box displaying the number of rows and columns.

Table cell properties

Cell Properties

Opens the Table Cell Properties dialog box for editing a cell.

Insert row before

Insert Row Before

Inserts a row in the table above the current row.

Insert row after

Insert Row After

Inserts a row in the table below the current row.

Delete row

Delete Row

Deletes a row.

Insert column before

Insert Column Before

Inserts a column to the left of the current column.

Insert column after

Insert Column After

Inserts a column to the right of the current column.

Delete column

Delete Column

Deletes a column.

Split table cells

Split Table Cells

Splits a previously merged table cell.

Merge table cells

Merge Table Cells

Merges selected table cells.