Content panes - On Premises: 6.4


The content panes display the home page, search results, the Editor, a folder's object list, and general library options. Contribute caches the content you've been working with during a session, so when you re-open the Search, Editor, or Folder screens, you see the last search results, topic, or object list. This enables you to switch between panes at any stage during your session without losing your work.

Content panes

Open the content panes by clicking the buttons on the Library Toolbar, located at the top right of the Contribute interface.

This button

Does this

Search screen button

Opens the Search Object List, displaying the results of a search. Use the Search tab on the navigation pane to access the search options. Once completed, the results are shown in the object list. You can switch between content panes without losing the results.

Editor button

Opens the Topic Editor in the full-screen mode. The Editor is used for working with a topic's content, including adding images and links, working with text, and checking options.

Folder button

Opens the Folder Object List, displaying the contents of a selected folder. The list included the object types, names, and codes, release states, and modification information.

Options button

Opens the Options pane, displaying software version number, general library options, and information.


Opens the Split view, displaying search results or object list above the Topic Editor. Use this view when you want to embed content into your open topic, or reuse objects from the folder or search object list by using drag and drop.


Opens the Author-it Knowledge Center in a new browser window.