Change the fuzzy match band settings for Author-it Xtend in Contribute - On Premises 6.4


You can customize some options in the Similarity Highlighting section. While the Re-used Topics, Re-used Fragments, and Exact Match are preset in Contribute, the fuzzy match highlighting bands can be customized.

You can add new bands, change the start and finish percentages, and change the colors (paler shades are usually easier to view). Instead of updating an existing band, you delete the existing band and create a new band based on your requirements.

To change the settings for a highlighting band:

  1. Open the Options screen.
  2. Select the band in the Similarity Highlighting section that needs updating, and then choose Remove.
  3. Choose Add to create a new band by using the New Highlight Band dialog box.
  4. Type, or select, the Start and End percentages for the band.
  5. Select the Color [...] button and then choose a color from the color picker. You can type the hexadecimal code for the color or select the color from the color picker.
  6. Choose OK to save the changes to the window.
  7. Choose OK to save and close the New Highlight Band dialog box.