Book help tab - On Premises: 6.4


The Help tab contains properties that define how the book object publishes in the online Help systems. The properties define things like the title of the help system, macros to be executed when the help system opens, file compression, and copyright information.

Book Object Help tab


Defines the title that will appear on the title bar of Windows Help.


Sets a relationship to a Macro Procedure object that defines the Windows Help Macros that will be executed each time the published Help system is started.


Enables you to select the type of compression that will be applied to the published Windows Help file.

File name

Name of the source file. This file must be of the Source Type and it must be in the specified Directory.

When you embed a graphics file, the file name uses the object ID. You can only specify file names when you use linked graphics.


Defines the copyright information that is displayed when the user selects About from the Help menu of Windows Help. Can contain up to a maximum of 255 characters.


Defines a citation that is appended to any text a user prints or cuts out of your Help system. Can contain up to a maximum of 2,000 characters.

Check prefixes

Defines prefixes other than IDH_ for mapped topic IDs. A prefix other than IDH_ generates errors as you compile your help file — unless you specify that prefix here.

Include file

Defines the name and location of an ASCII text file that contains a list of items. Depending on the circumstances, the file can include mapped topic IDs. Including an ASCII text file provides an alternative to adding these items individually. If you do not know the name or location of the file you want to include, click the [...] button.

Topic offset

Specifies an offset number that Author-it will use when publishing Windows Help and HTML Help. The Topic IDs will be set to the Object Code of the topic plus the specified offset. The main use for this property is if you are trying to combine multiple help files from different libraries and you want to ensure that the Topic IDs will not conflict.