Book Contents toolbar in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


The Book Contents toolbar enables you to modify the book's contents.

Note: The available options in the toolbar depend on the actions or objects you currently have selected.

Book Content toolbar

This button

Does this

Lock Book icon

Lock this book for editing

Click the closed padlock to put the book into Edit mode - enabling you to add, remove, or change content. Other users cannot change the book's content.

Cancel edit

Unlock this book for other users

Click the opened padlock to take the book out of edit mode and make it available to other users again.

Important: Save any changes to the book structure or content before clicking the opened padlock button - otherwise your changes will be lost.

Save icon

Save book contents

Saves changes made to the book's structure.

Create new topic

Create new topic

Creates a new topic in the book.

Insert existing topic icon

Insert existing topic

Inserts an existing topic into the book from the library.

Refresh icon

Reload book contents

Refreshes the book's content pane.



Promotes the selected object in the book's content pane, moving the object toward the book's root level.



Demotes the selected object in the book's content pane, making it a child of another object.

Move Up

Move up

Moves the selected object up a place in the book's content pane.

Move Down

Move down

Moves the selected object down a place in the book's content pane.