Author-it Xtend pop-up in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


The Author-it Xtend pop-up displays fragments that match or are similar to the text you are currently typing. Rather than typing a full paragraph, you can use the pop-up to select and insert the existing fragment into your topic. You can also use Author-it Xtend to locate and reuse paragraphs that have been through the review cycle, knowing that they meet your company's standards. Author-it Xtend helps you to locate and reuse text fragments (or paragraphs), insert complete topics as text, or locate and embed topics.

To insert fragments by using the Author-it Xtend popup:

  1. Begin typing text in a topic. When enough content has been added (based on your user option settings), the reuse pop-up displays suggested fragments.

    You can also trigger the pop-up by using CTRL+ENTER on the keyboard. If Author-it Xtend does not find any matching fragments, nothing is displayed.

  2. Select a fragment from the reuse pop-up by clicking on the fragment, then right-click to choose the insert options. You can also use the Up or Down arrow keys on the keyboard to move the focus for the correct fragment.

    Close up of topic with highlighting and xtend popup

    The insert options are:

    • Insert As Text Fragment: Inserts the text fragment displayed in the popup into your topic. Choose ENTER on the keyboard to insert the fragment.
    • Insert Topic As Text: Inserts the full topic containing the text fragment into your topic. Choose CTRL+ENTER on the keyboard to insert the topic as text.
    • Embed Topic: Embeds the full topic containing the text fragment into your topic. Choose SHIFT+ENTER on the keyboard to embed the topic.

Viewing the topic text before reusing

You can also view the full topic containing the fragment to check its content and context before inserting or embedding it. Use this option to decide if you want to use the selected fragment or if you want to use the full topic, either as pasted text that you can modify or as an embedded topic.

The popup shows the names of all topics in which the fragment has been used. The example in this screenshot shows a topic called Introduction that has been sent out for translation (so there is a source topic and three target topics listed here). The name of the topic currently displayed in the pop-up is highlighted; select a topic name in the list to view the text as it appears in that topic.

To view the topic before inserting:

  1. Select a fragment in the reuse pop-up, and then press the Right Arrow key (or Left Arrow key) on the keyboard to display the full topic in the popup.

    Xtend displaying topic text

    If the fragment has been used in multiple topics, the topic names are displayed at the top of the pop-up. The topic text you are currently viewing is highlighted in gray. Use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow on the keyboard to view the other topics, or click on the topic name.

  2. To display the insert options, right-click on the topic name.