Add a new table in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


When you need to display information in a tabular format, you can insert a table to display information in rows and columns.

Insert table

Insert Table

Tip Using a table is the best way to ensure that your information will be formatted correctly in all output formats. Because there is no equivalent of a tab character in HTML outputs, we recommend using tables without borders instead of tabs to lay out tabular information.

To add a table:

  1. Inside a topic, move the cursor to where you want a table.
  2. Click the Insert Table button on the Table Toolbar.
  3. Adjust the number of columns and rows needed for the table.
  4. Click Insert to create the table.

After inserting the table, you can resize columns, add columns or remove columns, and add rows or remove rows. In addition, you can cut, copy, and paste table rows, split or merge table cells, format cells using colors, or delete an entire table.