Add a custom highlighting band for Author-it Xtend in Contribute - On Premises: 6.4


Additional highlighting bands can be added for the fuzzy match in the Author-it Xtend user options. Highlighting bands can be set at any level between 60 and 99.

To add a custom highlighting band:

  1. Open the Options screen.
  2. In the Author-it Xtend section, under Similarity Highlighting, select Add to display the New Highlight Band dialog box.
  3. Type, or select, the Start and End percentages for the band.

    Adding a New Highlight Band

  4. Select the Color [...] button and choose a color from the color picker (either type the color's hexadecimal code, or select the color and then the shade or tint). Choose OK to save the changes to the window.

    Select Highlight Color

  5. Choose OK to save and close the New Highlight Band dialog box.