Acrolinx IQ toolbar - On Premises 6.4


Integration with Acrolinx IQ is provided in Contribute for checking topics. The Acrolinx IQ options are set in the general user options and must be configured before the toolbar can be used.

Note: The Acrolinx IQ toolbar is available for topic-based checking when Acrolinx IQ is installed and the checking options have been set.

Acrocheck toolbar

This button

Does this

Start acrocheck

Start Acrolinx IQ

Start checking the topic by using the current settings.

Step through

Step-through Mode

Turn on step-through mode to enable you to step through the topic one flag at a time.

Next flag

Next Flag

Display the next flag in the topic.

Display report

Display Report

Display the checking report from the most recent check of the topic.